Top Pakistani Youtubers with most subscribers

Top Pakistani Youtubers with most subscribers

As of my last update, here are some of the top Pakistani YouTubers based on their subscriber count:

  1. Sham Idrees – Known for vlogs, skits, and music videos, Sham Idrees has a significant following.
  2. Mooroo – A versatile creator known for music, vlogs, and comedic sketches.
  3. Ducky Bhai – Popular for his commentary, roasting videos, and comedic content.
  4. Irfan Junejo – Known for travel vlogs, storytelling, and insightful commentary.
  5. Karachi Vynz Official – A group known for their comedic sketches and social commentary.
  6. Shahveer Jafry – Famous for his comedic vlogs, pranks, and humorous content.
  7. KhujLee Family – Known for their comedic sketches, pranks, and social experiments.
  8. ZaidAliT – Although he has shifted focus away from YouTube recently, ZaidAliT gained fame for his humorous sketches and relatable content.
  9. Mooroo Vlogs – The vlogging channel of Mooroo, showcasing behind-the-scenes, travel adventures, and comedic moments.
  10. Junaid Akram – Known for his witty takes on social issues, comedy sketches, and vlogs.

These YouTubers have amassed large subscriber bases by creating engaging, entertaining, and often relatable content that resonates with Pakistani and global audiences alike.


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