Top 10 Funny Youtube Channel of Pakistan

Top 10 Funny Youtube Channel of Pakistan

Here are ten Pakistani YouTube channels known for their comedic content and humor:

  1. KhujLee Family – Known for their hilarious sketches, pranks, and social experiments.
  2. Mooroo – A multi-talented content creator who produces humorous sketches, parodies, and vlogs.
  3. Bekaar Films – Famous for their comedy sketches, satirical content, and relatable situations.
  4. Shahveer Jafry – A popular YouTuber known for his funny vlogs, pranks, and comedic commentary.
  5. Irfan Junejo – Although primarily a vlogger, Irfan Junejo injects humor into his travel vlogs and commentary.
  6. The Idiotz – Known for their funny videos, parodies, and humorous take on everyday situations.
  7. Karachi Vynz Official – A group of comedians known for their funny sketches and social commentary.
  8. Mooroo Vlogs – The vlog channel of Mooroo, where he shares behind-the-scenes, travel adventures, and comedic moments.
  9. Ducky Bhai – While primarily known for commentary and roasting, Ducky Bhai also injects humor into his content.
  10. Junaid Akram – A comedian and social commentator known for his witty takes on social issues and humorous storytelling.

These channels have gained popularity for their comedic talent, entertaining content, and ability to resonate with Pakistani audiences looking for humor and satire on YouTube.


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