Top 10 Dramas of Fawad Khan

Top 10 Dramas of Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan, known for his charismatic presence and acting prowess, has starred in several acclaimed Pakistani dramas. Here are ten of his top dramas:

  1. Humsafar – This romantic drama became a sensation and catapulted Fawad Khan to fame for his role as Ashar Hussain.
  2. Zindagi Gulzar Hai – Another hugely popular drama where Fawad Khan portrayed the role of Zaroon Junaid, opposite Sanam Saeed.
  3. Dastaan – A historical drama set during the partition of India, where Fawad Khan played the role of Hassan.
  4. Numm – Fawad Khan starred as Wali Bakht in this drama exploring complex family dynamics.
  5. Behadd – A telefilm in which Fawad Khan showcased his acting chops in a story about relationships and complexities.
  6. Akbari Asghari – Fawad Khan portrayed the character of Asghar in this comedy-drama.
  7. Ashk – Fawad Khan played Rohail in this drama series known for its emotional storyline.
  8. Satrangi – A drama where Fawad Khan appeared as the character Adarsh.
  9. Dil Deke Jaenge – Fawad Khan starred as Dino in this romantic drama.
  10. Khuda Kay Liye – Although primarily a film, Fawad Khan’s role as Sarmad in this critically acclaimed movie deserves mention for its impact.

These dramas not only showcase Fawad Khan’s versatility but also highlight his ability to portray a wide range of characters across different genres, solidifying his position as one of Pakistan’s most talented actors.


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